Kaywanna Bore Water Board

Rules adopted by Kaywanna Bore Water Board on 16th June 2004

Part A: General Scheme Rules


1. Supply points shall be available on the basis of one for each 1,000 Ha. The number of supply points shall be allocated to the nearest 1,000 Ha i.e. 2,499 Ha is entitled to 2 supply points, and 2,501 Ha is entitled to 3 supply points.

P.C. 07/12/1992

2. Supply points shall be located within the holding for which they are allocated.


3. Supply entitlements shall not be transferred from one holding to another.


4. The total supply to a holding shall be calculated on the basis of 10 Litres per Hectare per day over the area of the holding. This total will be distributed between the supply points.


5. Holdings may have more than 1 supply point per 1,000 Hectares provided the additional cost is paid for by the ratepayer. The land owner shall pay for the longer pipelines associated with supply points except that a supply point closest to the domestic demand point will be installed as Board works.

P.C. 07/12/1992

6. All the allocated water can be taken from any one point so long as the layout is suitable and any additional installation cost is borne by the land owner. Not withstanding the above, the total supply of water to a holding is still limited at this point to 10 Litres per Hectare per day based on the total area of the holding. Additional installations will be undertaken according to design and will be considered Board works regardless of landholder contributions.

P.C. 07/12/1992

7. Payment for additional private works shall be made prior to installation.


8. When selling portions or subdivisions of existing portions the portions sold shall be provided with the entitled supply through the entitled number of supply points. The vendor shall pay for any changes to the pipelines and the supply points to achieve the new layout.


9. The board will supply water to the Tarawera Recreation Club and the Kioma School. No water rates shall apply. Construction of internal reticulation is at their own expense.

P.C. 07/12/1992

10. The Board will supply water to stock routes at Coorangy and at Boogara Reserves. The allocation is on the basis of 10,000 Litres per day at each point. The water shall only be used for stock watering. Applications for alternative uses must be referred to the Board for approval. Tank storage is required at the Coorangy Stock facility.

P.C 07/12/1992

11. Tanks shall be installed as private works prior to the supply point being connected.


12. Flow controllers shall be installed and maintained on all supply points.


13. Housing shall not be plumbed directly to the reticulation system without a flow controller and then only from an allocated supply point.


14. Water from the scheme is not permitted to be supplied to registered, permanent or opportunity feedlots.

P.C. 07/12/1992

Part B: Private Works


1. A tank must be installed at an active supply point


2. Tanks shall be installed as private works prior to the supply point being connected


3. Where takeoff points are not immediately equipped with a tank, land owners will be responsible for the support and marking for the protection of the flow control valves and taps at the takeoff point


4. Tanks should be within 20 metres of the supply point, be constructed of a suitable durable material and hold a minimum of 2 days supply


5. There shall be no takeoffs between the supply point and a tank


6. Takeoff lines must be to the same standard as Board works and be pressure tested


7. Land owners must mark takeoff points (a steel picket and chemical drum is recommended)


8. Land owners must put discs on the air valves


9. The Board does not insist on contractors for the installation of private works

07/12/1992 P.M.

Part C: Land Owners General Duties & Responsibilities

Land Owners:


1. Are responsible for the cost of private works.


2. Must ensure private works are constructed and maintained to a standard set down by the Board.


3. Are prohibited from selling water from the scheme except under emergency circumstances and then only with the prior written approval of the Board.

P.C. 07/12/1992

4. Board water can not be piped to unrated land.

Inserted 16/06/2004 by Board Meeting

5. Are responsible for clearing for takeoff lines from the main line.

P.C. 07/12/1992

6. Must not interfere with or alter any Board works without the prior written permission of the Board.

P.C. 07/12/1992 P.M. 04/01/2003

7. Must maintain a cleared thoroughfare along the pipelines for maintenance purposes, including the removal of all regrowth along pipelines.

QWRC St George Circular 22/11/1984

8. Must provide any reasonable assistance necessary to facilitate the efficient maintenance of the system.

QWRC St George Circular 22/11/1984

9. Must permit the Board to take flow tests at any point, including takeoff points, at anytime

P.C. 07/12/1992 P.M. 04/01/2003

Part D: Definitions


1. Board Works: As defined in the amending order in council dated 13/1/1995 - includes:

  • Subsidised
  • Unsubsidised
  • Partially Private

2. Private Works: All storage tanks, troughs and piping done beyond Board Works, the cost of which is the responsibility of the land owner.

Piping Committee 07/12/1992
Participants Mtg 04/01/2003

3. Approval Bore Water Usage: Approval water usage is confined to the following:

  • Domestic (House and Garden)
  • Stock
  • Normal Agricultural Practices (including washing down, chemical mixing and dipping purposes)

Water from the scheme is not permitted for use in registered, permanent or opportunity feedlots.

P.C. 07/12/1992
P.M. 04/01/2003

4. Local Agent:: A local agent is an agent appointed by the Board to maintain a general oversight of the Bore Water Area and ensure that maintenance to all drains, divisors and culverts etc is carried out satisfactory as and when required, and is authorised in the course of these duties to traverse the bore drains/pipelines throughout all the relevant land owners properties at any time.

QWRC St George Circular 22/11/1984

5. Holdings: A Holding is defined as an individual property (portion) or a collection of individual adjacent properties (portion) under common ownership or management.



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