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Ratepayer Notice #7 July 7th 2014

Kaywanna Bore Water Supply Board Circular To Ratepayers

The scheme continues to operate well with maintenance as required and ‘special maintenance’ continuing. Special maintenance refers to the removal of all galvanised fittings in the scheme.

There were originally approximately 400 fittings in the scheme containing galvanised pipe. This pipe was installed despite the strident objections of the board at the time. These fittings are air valves, scour valves and risers.

The removal of these fittings was commenced in August 2004 with work being done in winter (weather allowing) to reduce inconvenience by interruptions to water delivery. This work is slow, sometimes complicated and requires all fittings to be dug out with a mini excavator. It can take hours to drain lines (flooded pits) and leak test before completion. Concrete pits have been sealed and some gate valves replaced.

This work is now in the eleventh year with about 75% completed. The cost of contract machines, labour and fittings has been about $40,000 to date. We now have our own machine which will reduce cost dramatically. Board members in particular, but also some landholders, have volunteered a lot more than 1000 hours of labour plus running costs for their vehicles. The cost of this work by a remote contractor would have been more than $200,000.

In the past few years, there have been some water delivery problems that have eventually been traced back to missing restrictors. At times, hours have been spent looking for leaks when the problem has been water by-passing take offs because of a missing restrictor. Please be aware that if restrictors are removed, someone will get less water. In some cases, stock have been at risk and had to be moved. The reliability of delivery relies completely on the scheme pressure being maintained by restrictors.

In future, with any isolated water delivery problems, an inspection of all restrictors in the general area will be the starting point in fault finding.

The board would like to draw your attention to the following scheme rules:

Part B

1. A tank must be installed at an active supply point.

8. Land holders must put discs on the air valve shrouds.

Part C

7. Must maintain a cleared thoroughfare along the pipe lines for maintenance purposes including the removal of regrowth.

We are beginning to record the pipe lines (including some photographs) on a GPS device. As the years go by, it will become more difficult to know where some lines are.

The board appreciates the co-operation of ratepayers in maintaining the scheme.

Geoff Woods
July 2014

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