Kaywanna Bore Water Board

Ratepayer Notice #5, September 2009

Following the review of 500 odd Government boards, which consisted of some 300 water boards, the State Government has decided to incorporate them in the relevant local authorities.

In our case this will be the Goondiwindi Regional Council.

In practical terms, at a date to be announced, the current management will cease and all the assets will be transferred to the Goondiwindi Regional Council, who will take over rating and maintaining the infrastructure. We would expect that this could take place by the 30th June 2010.

This is all being done in the interests of efficiency, according to the State Government, and some Ratepayers will no doubt be expecting at least a 20% cut in rates as a result of savings generated by the incorporation into the larger local body.

For the more cynical among you, there may be an alternative to the takeover, and the Government has indicated that it might be prepared to transfer the assets to a Body Corporate, controlled and operated by the present ratepayers on the Board. The Goondiwindi Regional Council will, we believe, also consent to such a transfer.

The Board is currently seeking advice form a leading firm of Brisbane Solicitors on the best way to set up such a corporate body, and on receipt of this advice, will call a meeting of ratepayers to gauge the depth of feeling on this issue. We hope that we can have something more tangible for you in the next month.

Ratepayers will recall that they paid for approximately half the cost of the infrastructure from their own money, and the current reserves of cash of approximately $200,000 have been generated from rates paid over the last 12 years.

The Kaywanna Bore infrastructure is a valuable community asset and much careful reflection is required before handing over an asset with a replacement value of at least $2 million to another level of Government, which will not be elected by the current members of the Scheme. It is your Scheme, and the Board will follow your wishes on the future management of the scheme.

Peter Fox
September 2009

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