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Ratepayer Notice #4, February 2009

In our last Circular to Ratepayers in November 2007 we gave notice that we were considering accepting requests to change some aspects of the scheme, subject to conditions.

A questionnaire was included, and responses were received from only eleven Ratepayers. The responses were mostly in favour of no change to the scheme, and most did not want a meeting of Ratepayers to discuss the issue. The response though was hardly sufficient to be considered a good representation of Ratepayers views.

The issues raised in the last Circular and the responses were considered at the next meeting of Board members with valuable input from the representatives from DNR.

In the end, the Board agreed to consider accepting the following changes to the operation of the scheme:

The Board will accept applications on a prescribed form for additional take-off points or alterations to existing take-off points. The application must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $500. The Ratepayers should consider the following issues when making an application:

  1. The approved take-off points must be immediately adjacent to existing Board Works and be piped into a tank by the applicant within 20m of the Board take-off point.
  2. The change in take-off points must not result in an additional load on the scheme, increase the total water supplied or increase the pumping load required.
  3. The Board will also accept applications for additional take-off points where alterations to the Board Works may have been done by Ratepayers without Board approval. These will be subject to the same guidelines as new work applications.

The Board will adopt the following procedures for receipt and consideration of new applications:

  1. Applications received will only be considered once a year, most likely at our AGM in May. Those that are approved by the Board will then have to be approved in accordance with the regulations contained in the Act by DNR in Brisbane, before construction can commence.
  2. In the first instance, to avoid a 12 month delay, Ratepayers will have 60 days to lodge their application, which will then be considered soon after by the Board, at a special meeting if necessary.
  3. Past unauthorized alterations to the scheme, for which applications are not received (or if received, are then rejected) will have 12 months to make alternative arrangements before the Board disconnects their supply from Board Works. The Board regrets the need to cut off unapproved alterations to the scheme, but the Board is constrained under the Act, to enforce the rules of the Board and the Regulations of the Act, and can make no exceptions not withstanding the quality of the work undertaken by the Ratepayers.

The secretary will liaise with the Goondiwindi branch of the DNR for the design of a suitable application form with a view to having it available as soon as possible.

February 2009

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