Kaywanna Bore Water Board

Ratepayer Notice #2, 2005

This circular accompanies the rate notice for the period 1 July to 31 December 2005.

Interest & Redemption & Rates

It is expected that this will be the final rate notice for ratepayers who borrowed from the Government for their share of the capital cost of the scheme.

The debt will be repaid in full, on the original ten-year loan repayment schedule, without any variation in the loan repayment amount.

Chemical Usage

Ratepayers are reminded that due to the high mineral and PH content of the water, advice should be obtained before mixing with farm chemicals, particularly for spraying, as the results may not be consistent with water from normal sources.

High Temperature of Bore Water

The flow from the bore and through pipes for four kilometers from the bore head is extremely hot and could cause serious injury if care and precautions are not taken working in the vicinity of the bore head, or repairing leaks on the mains pipes in proximity to the bore head.

Pumping from Scour Valves is prohibited

A Number of instances have occurred where ratepayers have pumped direct from scour valves for spraying of crops. This is strictly prohibited because of the possibility of chemical contamination. Ratepayers should pump out of their own tanks supplied by float valve, and not from any pipe that is the property of Kaywanna Bore Water Board.

Web Site

The Board has established a web page at www.kaywannaborewaterboard.com. This site contains the names of the current board members, and contact details for the Chairman and Administration of the Board.

The Code of Conduct and Rules for the Board are also set out, together with copies of recent circulars to the ratepayers. A copy of the current budget of the Board is also included.

The Board hopes that this web site will eventually become a primary source of information for ratepayers and other parties that do business with the Scheme.

Your contribution and suggestions to increase the usability of this web page would be appreciated.

Peter Fox
25th August 2005

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