Kaywanna Bore Water Board

Ratepayer Notice #1, 2004

Quantity of Water

Ratepayers are reminded that the scheme is a supplementary supply only, and was not designed to handle all the water demands that could possibly be required.

During a good season, with hot weather, the supply of 10 litres per hectare will not be sufficient if the property is fully stocked, and an alternate supply such as dams will be required.

Reliability of Water Supply

The Board reminds ratepayers that the scheme is not infallible and that an adequate emergency reserve of water should be maintained at all times, if the producer is to avoid the possibility of having to remove stock at short notice.  The requirement of a tank at each take off point may only supply a half-day in dry weather depending on stocking rates.

Examples of failure to supply could include:

  1. Electricity failure. One area of consumers in Goondiwindi has been out for 17 hours.
  2. Failure of the bore pump. The board has a spare but it could take three days to replace.
  3. The loss of the bore pump down the bore, which could stop supply. This could take a number of weeks to rectify.

Sale of Properties

In the event that a property may be split and sold, the vendors are responsible, at their own cost, for ensuring that the property is transferred with the correct water entitlement, ie a section of the property may not have been watered because it had a dam and the owner elected to have more water than the 10 litres/ha/day delivered elsewhere.

Vendors will be required to sign a release that this has occurred before the Board will recognise the transfer.

Loan Repayments

The final full rate payment of the principle and interest redemption on the capital cost of the Bore infrastructure should be due for the 6 months ended 31st December 2005, with a small adjustment required for the following period.

Kaywanna Bore Water Board Rules

A copy of the rules updated and approved at the last annual Board meeting is attached for your reference.

Peter Fox
18th August 2004

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