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Kaywanna Bore Water Board Chairman’s Annual Report

The scheme has now passed the twenty year mark of operation and is highly regarded by rate payers.

The main line was damaged by a dozer at the South-East corner of ‘Kalala’ on 14th June. It was repaired by ‘Kioma’ staff.

In July, a leak was repaired near K7 on ‘Kioma’. This was a faulty philmac 50mm fitting. A scour valve leak was repaired on ‘Eaglebar’ and the scour outlet extended to higher ground.

Also in July, more special maintenance was carried out at ‘Dunrobin’ and ‘Kioma’. This was the final work in removing all galvanized fittings from the scheme. After more than 600 excavations over a period of 12 years, the special maintenance is now completed.

The main bore distribution pumps began stopping intermittently over the winter months. Ewan Beaton restarted them several times but the fault continued, sometimes after several weeks. Eventually, they stopped and could not be restarted (September). Jeff Cairns (Laser Electrical) got them operating again but the main control board was defective and needed replacement.

A new control board was installed on 9th December by Laser Electrical. The pump hours were zeroed on the new board. The pumps stopped on 14th and 28th January and were restarted by Ewan Beaton.

On 31st January, George Clark and I replaced pump 3 (leaking seal). We could not get the replacement pump to ramp up and left it turned off. The pumps stopped again on 6th February and were restarted by Paul Whittle.

On 8th February, Jeff Cairns attended to the intermittent stoppages and got pump 3 operating correctly. The cost of the new board and follow-up was approximately $9,000 (excl). There have been no further problems to date.

On 9th February, John Allen and I repaired a leaking air valve about 500 metres north of ‘Kyawanna’ house.

On 13th May, Boogara booster station stopped because the tank outlet was blocked. John and Donald Thorn cleaned the outlet and normal operations resumed.

During the past year the bore has supplied approximately 80,736 kilolitres (around 2.56 litres per second). The solar generator has produced approximately 18,700 kilowatts of which about 5,000 kilowatts has been exported into the grid (about 27%). These figures are very similar to the previous year.

The receival tank has some accumulation of algae and will need to be cleaned. We are due to swap the submersible pump this winter (7 years).

I have maintained the bore and solar yards over the year and read the meters.

The financial position remains sound.

I extend my thanks to board members for their continued contribution to the management and operations of the scheme.

Geoff Woods

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