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Kaywanna Bore Water Board Chairman’s Annual Report

The scheme has continued to operate well over the past year. There has been no further correspondence regarding the Webb-Weller report and so the scheme remains a statutory body.

More special maintenance was carried out in the winter of 2014. In June, galvanized fittings were removed on ‘Warrabri’. In July and August similar work was done on ‘Kalala’, ‘Denver’, ‘Binalong’, ‘Jim Bruce’ and ‘Kioma’. The board extends thanks to Newton Davison and Steve Wilkins who assisted directors with some of this extensive work. The Denver north main was recorded on our GPS device.

In July, Jim Spink replaced a transducer at the Coorangy booster which may reduce power consumption there.

In October, a new pressure gauge, switch and phone battery was fitted at Boogara booster.

In November, after extensive enquiry, a quote to install a ten kilowatt solar generator at the main bore was accepted from Laser Electrical. In February, Bill Davison cleared the site with his bobcat. Luke Fritz was engaged to use a hydraulic device to locate the north main so it was not damaged during construction. Laser Electrical started construction on 18th February. The generator was commissioned on 1st April.

During April, adjustments to the control board were required at Coorangy booster due to poor pressure. Inspections at Boogara determined that the phone dialer is not working.

Fence posts were installed around the solar array on 24th April by Bill Davison, Bevan English, Leigh Slack-Smith and me.

Nearly all the labour and vehicle running expenses to operate and maintain this scheme are supplied voluntarily. In the past year, this would have been several hundred hours of labour and more than two thousand kilometers for vehicles.

I extend my thanks to board members for the continued sound operations of the scheme.

Geoff Woods

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