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Kaywanna Bore Water Board Chairman's Annual Report

The scheme has operated quite successfully over the past year.

On 17th August, 2010 the main borehole pump was replaced by our exchange pump and the extracted pump was sent to Border Pumps for maintenance. The Board policy is to swap pumps every seven years. The cooling tank was emptied and cleaned.

No special maintenance was carried out in the winter of 2010 mainly due to the very wet conditions. It is still proposed to carry out more next winter. The area remaining is in the North East, South East and Central parts of the scheme and mostly involves removing all galvanized pipe fittings.

In October, the electrician replaced the three phase lightning arrestor at the main bore.

In December, the borehole pump installed in August developed an intermittent fault. On 20th December 2010 it was replaced by the exchange pump repaired at Border Pumps. The faulty pump has been repaired and placed in storage.

Meter readings at the main bore show a fairly consistent usage of around three litres per second. There is a discrepancy between the main bore meter and the sum of the four distribution meters.

There have been some discussions with the Department regarding the transition of the Bore Board in relation to recommendation 47 of the Webbe Weller Review. It seems likely that within the next two years the Board will make a proposal to ratepayers for the Board to transfer to a new private entity. Further discussions with the Department are scheduled for 24th May 2011 in Goondiwindi.

The financial position of this board remains very sound.

I extend my thanks to board members.

Geoff Woods

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