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Chairman's Annual Report

Considerable work has been carried out on the bore scheme in the past twelve months.

An air valve rusted out on a 90mm main on “Eaglebar” in May 2007 and was repaired by “Kioma” staff and John Mulckey.

The main vari-speed control for the distribution pumps gave intermittent trouble during April and May 2007. The controller was replaced by Jeff Cairns on 25th June. John Mulckey and John Thorn assisted in operating the pumps manually for three weeks while parts arrived.

In June 2007, special maintenance (replacing galvanized fittings) was done at “Tori”, “Arden Downs” and “North Aranyi” with minor jobs done at “Binalong”, “Denver” and “Waverly”.

Also in June, all board members were re-elected for a three year term.

In August, more special maintenance was done at “Arden Downs”, “Manooka” and “Sherwood”. I extend thanks to John and Donald Thorn for their assistance. This completed special maintenance on this South-West line.

The board held a meeting in October, 2007 to discuss the scheme rules and a questionnaire to ratepayers. The response to this questionnaire was about 50% of ratepayers and so deemed to be of little value.

Also in October 2007, Bevan English and I cleaned the cooling tank. No1 distribution pump was turned off and isolated due to a leaking seal. Bevan and I replaced the No1 distribution pump in January 2008. The old pump had a new seal fitted by Phill Sheridan and was put in storage.

A 75mm main developed a leak (split) on “Kioma” on 11th March. Russell Lambert was engaged to excavate the area. “Kioma” staff and I carried out the repair.

Also in March, Jim Spink replaced a circuit breaker for the borehole pump. He also tested the windings and integrity of the submersible pump.

John Thorn inspected the “Sherwood” line in April. John Beare and I inspected the North-East area of the line in May.

More special maintenance is planned again this winter. If we can complete the “Litchfield Downs”, “Jindabyne” and “Redfield” lines, special maintenance will be completed west of the Bungunya/Westmar road.

Generally, in spite of the vari-speed replacement, the scheme has been operating quite satisfactorily and no complaints have been received.

During the year, I have spent about fifteen days on scheme repairs and maintenance.

I extend my appreciation to the board members.

Geoff Woods

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