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Reports › Report to Ratepayers - May 10th 2006

Since my last report dated August 2005, no repairs have been required on the scheme. The system has operated well.

In December 2005, a new distribution pump was purchased to have on hand should any of the four pumps fail. Also, in December, four marker posts were erected on the Westmar/Bungunya main road to indicate the water pipe crossings. These posts have the license number painted on them as required by the Department of Main Roads.

In March 2006, Bevan English was engaged to clean the algae out of the cooling tank.

No special maintenance was carried out in the winter of 2005 due to wet conditions in June/July. Russell Lambert (contractor) was not available to do work in August. Further special maintenance (replacing galvanized pipes on valves) is planned for this winter.

Geoff Woods

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